Follow-up and implementation

At Ramboll, we sometimes say that if nothing happens within 30 days, nothing will ever happen. This is obviously somewhat of an overstatement, but our experience suggests that there’s some truth to it: the companies who follow up immediately after a survey achieve the most significant results.

Follow-ups deliver value – a lack of follow-ups generates the opposite result

A survey that isn’t followed up is virtually useless. In fact, research on this topic shows that having employees complete a survey without following up the results can increase the level of dissatisfaction. In such cases, it would actually be better not to measure anything at all!


In other words, following up on your efforts is paramount in order to realise the benefits of conducted surveys. And this is where Ramboll can assist through our expertise in strategy, business and organisational development. Developing the organisation itself encompasses both the managers, who will need to create an effective follow-up plan, and the employees, who will be putting that plan into action.

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