Customer reports

A customer report allows you to dig into the specific customer relationship and gain an insight into its current status. It identifies what's required to retain the customer and – not least – to develop the customer going forward.

All customers are important – some are extremely important

If you have a limited customer portfolio or a smaller number of particularly important key customers, we recommend producing a customer report on each customer. A customer report provides you with a deeper insight into the customer's experiences and requirements, which gives employees responsible for customer relationships the opportunity to engage in a more qualified and productive dialogue with the customer, with a view to solidifying and – preferably – expanding the collaboration.


Insight on a strategic as well as an operational level is achieved by combining the customer report with a strategic insight report

Ramboll's customer reports and strategic insight reports are a powerful combination. The customer report is specifically targeted at the operational level and can help to sharpen and focus sales efforts. Strategic insight reports, on the other hand, contribute to making better decisions on a strategic level – and thus provide a better framework for how to succeed on the operational level close to the customers.

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