Retail Relation

Up to 70% of customers' purchasing decisions are based on online research. But customers only talk about their experiences on Trustpilot or social media when they have been excellent or terrible.

So what about all those customers whose experiences were good, as expected?


Retail Relation in short

Retail Relation is the link between your customers, your physical stores and the various online media. If you want to engage your customers on social media while at the same time gathering valuable information about their experiences in your shops, then Retail Relation is the solution for you.

The customer's experience of your product or service often begins and ends online. Their overall impression of your company should therefore not be based solely on making the physical experience a good one. It should also stem from a good experience of the website, on social media, etc.
Therefore, if you want to engage your customers on social platforms, such as Trustpilot and Facebook – and thereby increase sales – it is important to leverage synergies across the various channels. 
This product has been designed to link your physical presence to online technologies simply and effectively – the results of which are increased exposure, more sales and greater customer loyalty.


1. Kick off the campaign

Select the questions you wish to have answered from the Retail Relation library or create your own, and choose the reward you would like to give your customers to thank them for participating.


2. Introduce the customer to the campaign

Make customers aware of the campaign in your stores, such as by using posters, flyers or till slips. In order to participate, the customer need only ask for a link to the survey via SMS or QR code. You can try it for yourself by following the steps in the "Try Retail Relation" box on the left.


3. You get valuable information

The results come through continually, allowing each head of department to quickly identify his department's results in comparison to the rest of the chain. He also receives immediate notification if a customer sends a negative response, making it possible to deal with the critical customer immediately.


4. Happy customers return

The customer receives a reward for having responded. This could be a discount voucher, an exclusive invitation to an event or pre-sales initiative, or it could be a competition entry to win a prize. This incentivises the customer to return and shop in your store again at a later date – while also ensuring that she has had a good experience of your company.


Simple and highly effective tool

The stores, companies, restaurants etc. who know their customers best are often the most successful. The challenge is that conducting systematic customer research is time- and resource-intensive. Retail Relation puts an end to that.

The solution is designed to minimise costs and time consumption. In addition, several stores in a chain can pool their resources to conduct surveys under the same license. The surveys are sent out to customers via SMS or email, which means that all that is required of each shop is acceptance from the customer and a few minutes of the customer's time.

In order to get as many customers as possible to participate, we recommend thanking customers for their participation with a reward. This could be a discount or an opportunity to enter a prize draw.