Market surveys

There are two types of customers: those you already have and those you want to get. A market survey focuses on the latter and identifies everything you need to know in order to ensure that potential customers become more than just a potential.

How substantial is the customer potential – and what's required to realise it?

If you want to invest in securing new customers, you first need to know how many customers you can potentially acquire so that you can align your efforts to the gains. In addition, you also need to know how loyal they are to their existing provider – and whether they can even be moved. You should also know why they don't currently feature among your existing customer base. Is it perhaps because they distinguish themselves from the segment that your existing customers belong to? Or are there other barriers in the way?


In short, you should know your potential customers at least as well as you know your current customers if you want to expand your customer base. And this is exactly the insight that Rambøll delivers when we complete a market survey. We enable you to act appropriately in a complex market.

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