We enable managers to create positive and sustainable changes

About us

About us

Ramboll Results is an umbrella term for the Ramboll services that are based on the collection and presentation of data capable of leading to action and generating results. For example:

  • Employee surveys
  • Customer surveys
  • Management assessments
  • Market surveys
  • Workplace assessments
  • Entry and exit surveys
  • And not least: the technology that makes it all possible.


We equip managers to effect positive and lasting change

Our customers  contact us when they need a data and insights provider who will equip their management to make the right decisions. Including in the long term. This is often complex, which is why our consultants offer you ongoing advice, feedback and adjustments to the reality of the situation you need to navigate. Or as we say at Ramboll: ”We thrive in complexity, so you don’t have to”.


One contact person – hundreds of experts

As our customer, you will have a specific contact person. But you should know that we have 120 dedicated specialists in surveys alone based in Aarhus, Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm and Hamburg. What they all have in common is that they are only satisfied once the customer is satisfied and the numbers add up. This might sound like something you have heard elsewhere, but at Ramboll, this makes up the very core of our company DNA – test us and you'll see! The Ramboll Group employs 13,500 staff, who are spread across 35 countries and proud to be among Europe's leading knowledge consultants. Find out more at ramboll.com.

Global leader in technology

Our work is driven by knowledge and experience; but not only that: innovative IT solutions are an important part of what sets us apart from our competitors. As our customer, you will experience this through how easy and intuitively everything works. Our solutions automate tasks that would normally be time-consuming and are easily integrated with other systems. Speaking of integration, we go to great lengths to develop unique solutions based on solid, tried and tested models. You can compare it to building blocks: the blocks are identical but the possibilities are endless.


Market leader in data security

Every year, our systems handle more than one million surveys. This means that we devote an inordinate amount of attention to maintaining secure operations, which includes using an external partner (PwC) for the ongoing review of our IT security. In short: we have security under control so that our customers can concentrate on managing their business instead.


We are the company behind SurveyXact

If you have answered a survey, it's highly likely that you have done so using SurveyXact. SurveyXact is Ramboll's do-it-yourself survey tool and one of the most popular survey solutions throughout Scandinavia.

But enough about us. Call or write to us, so that we can touch base and find out how we can help you and your organisation.