Tools and action plans

It goes without saying that simply conducting employee surveys will not suffice. The evaluation only provides value once it has been converted into actual actions – which is not as easy as it sounds. That's why Ramboll has created an IT system for action plans that makes it easy to keep track of the planned measures and to constantly follow up on them until they have been realised. We call it the Action Monitor.

Systemised capacity for action

Many companies lack the tools needed to convert good plans into good results. But with Ramboll's online tool for action plans, Action Monitor, all managers are able to record planned activities in the same place and then follow up on them on a regular basis.


This IT system has been developed in collaboration with Ramboll's experts in HR surveys, who know what constitutes a good action plan and what's required for it to be realised. As such, it's a good example of how we create new innovative IT tools when needed by our customers to achieve their objectives.

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