Tools and action plans

From numbers to action. That is the common thread that runs through all our advisory services, and that’s why we created a special tool that is designed to help you move from insight and analysis to qualified decisions and effective actions. We call it the Action Monitor.

Systemised capacity for action

Once you have completed your surveys and we have analysed the results, that is when the work begins to convert good plans into good results. To this end, we recommend our Action Monitor IT system, which lets you take advantage of the knowledge you have acquired while providing a complete overview of the actions that have been initiated, as well as a continuous status of how the implementation is progressing.


This IT system has been developed in collaboration with Ramboll’s experts in customer and market surveys, who know what constitutes a good action plan and what’s required for it to be realised. As such, it’s a good example of how we create new, innovative IT tools when needed by our customers to achieve their objectives.

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