Qualitative interviews and workshops

The most powerful insights are often best created when qualitative and quantitative methods go hand in hand. That's why we also use qualitative interviews and workshops with managers and other employees if this will increase the quality of your evaluation.

Get deeper insight through qualitative interviews – and make better decisions

At Ramboll, we not only have some of Denmark's best statistics skills, we also have talented and experienced consultants who specialise in the qualitative and enquiring approach to HR questions.


The purpose of the qualitative approach is to ensure that the quantitative research provides the most relevant and reliable results. This ensures, for example, that the questions are comprehensible and meaningful to the respondents, and it also gives us a deeper understanding of what lies behind the employees' feedback.


This means that we can conduct a qualitative study before, during or after a quantitative survey, if required. This allows us to strengthen our underlying quantitative approach and thus provide you with the specific insights that will enable you to act – as opposed to just giving you a bunch of numbers.

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