KPI Dashboards

The right knowledge, to the right people, at the right time. This is how simply Ramboll's Dashboard can be described. But by all means keep reading if you would like to know more about one of our latest and most sought-after solutions for a world that is only becoming more and more data-driven.

No more ”If only we'd known that sooner…”

Ongoing surveys can be a good tool to use in your daily operations. But it often takes too long for the results of a completed survey to filter through to the organisation. This means that you lose momentum and the opportunity to act swiftly. But with our Dashboard, which displays live data in a simple and manageable way, decision makers are able to keep constant track of up-to-date information about commitment, well-being, specific challenges facing employees, etc. And when we then couple this knowledge with your own key figures pertaining to sales, turnover, sickness absence, etc., you are strongly equipped to make smart decisions. Right away.

Focus on need-to-know – and not everything else

A strategic decision maker will often require different knowledge compared to a personnel manager who deals with employees on a daily basis. We therefore differentiate between various data displays so that each one is relevant to the individual who needs those particular data. At the same time, the dashboards obviously allow for a deeper look at the figures and for more in-depth knowledge to be garnered when necessary.

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