Workplace assessment

The statutory analysis of physical and psychological aspects of the workplace environment can be carried out in various ways. At Ramboll, we recommend using a questionnaire-based workplace assessment because it provides the best foundation for a systematic and thorough analysis, while at the same time being an easy method to follow up on afterwards.

A tried and tested workplace assessment that works for everyone

We recommend a simple, brief and thoroughly tested questionnaire-based survey that covers both physical and psychological aspects of the workplace environment – and can be used for all types and sizes of workplaces.


The goal is a better workplace – that delivers better results

We report the results of the workplace assessment in readily-understood and action-oriented terms. As an example, we link responses from each individual who experiences problems with the physical work environment (such as excessive noise or insufficient ventilation), which then allows you to easily follow up on and remedy specific problems.


The goal is to enable you to address all the areas that require attention and thus create a better workplace – and better results. Content and efficient employees quite simply perform better.

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