Pulse and follow-up surveys

More and more companies are choosing to measure more frequently than in the past, to ensure ongoing access to relevant insight. At Ramboll, we can help you conduct simple surveys on particularly important KPIs, here and now. Don't ever allow yourselves to run out of knowledge.

Take your company's pulse – often

You will typically have focus areas that you need to monitor more carefully than others. Ramboll's pulse surveys are designed for this purpose, so that you can track your company's performance in relation to specific objectives and constantly adjust your efforts, if required. At Ramboll, we have identified this trend across industries and are ready with the IT capabilities required to meet the increasing focus on data-generating insight – today and in the future. 


Have you progressed? Find out with the help of follow-up surveys

When you have completed a comprehensive employee survey and implemented the relevant development initiatives, it's often worthwhile to follow up on your efforts. This can be done with another survey using the same scale or with the help of a smaller, targeted survey that focuses on selected KPIs. You can either develop this survey in collaboration with us or get direct access to our survey tool and create it in-house – and then perhaps roll it out in several stages while tracking developments.

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