Management assessments

Management can be viewed as potential. If fully exploited, strong management can deliver a significant boost to the entire company. Conversely, an insufficient focus on good management will have a negative effect on the whole organisation. A 360-degree management assessment from Ramboll will enable both the individual manager and the management team as a whole to become more aware of their performance and what is required to improve it – for the benefit of the entire organisation.

Assess the manager from every angle

An accurate management assessment must highlight every relevant aspect of the manager's performance. Our evaluation therefore examines the individual manager from the perspective of employees, managers on the same level, top management, and the manager him- or herself. This allows us to develop a complete overview of the manager's performance and thus which areas can be optimised going forward.


The manager is not the focus of our assessment. Your company is

A management assessment is not merely a review of the individual manager. It is more of an evaluation of the company as a whole. And the objective is to strengthen the business through (even) better management. This is also why we follow up on the assessment by providing combined reports for the whole management team. This provides a good basis for the managers to reach their development potential – both individually and as a group.

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