Entry and exit surveys

Many modern companies regard their employees as their most valuable resource. It is therefore important to find out why an employee chooses to leave the company and how to plan the best possible start for new employees. Ramboll's entry and exit surveys are specifically designed to provide you with concrete answers to these questions.

Exit surveys: Is there anything you can do better?

When an employee leaves, it can be due to a wide range of factors. Some are connected with your organisation, while others relate to the company that the employee has chosen to move to. Our exit survey addresses all of these factors and provides insight into the specific improvements you can make in order to retain your staff. 


Entry surveys: Get off to a good start. Faster

Do you often find that it takes a long time for a new employee to perform at the same level as his or her colleagues? Perhaps this may not always due to "just needing to get used to things" or "this is a different kind of workplace". On the contrary, a more targeted approach during the start-up period often results in new employees delivering a strong performance much quicker. This is enabled by an entry survey from Ramboll, which identifies how you go about integrating new employees into the team in the best possible way – for the benefit of all parties concerned.


Can be integrated with your own HR system

Our survey can be integrated with your own HR system, so that it automatically gets sent to relevant employees and is automatically returned to the HR department  thus enabling you to put the gathered information to good use expeditiously. This is yet another example of our innovative approach to IT, which drives us to constantly optimise our solutions to minimise time consumption and maximise value creation for HR executives.

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