Employee surveys

Ramboll is one of the leading providers of employee surveys in Scandinavia. Perhaps because we always strive to ensure that the survey not only delivers data and insight, but also enables your company to develop. Put simply: surveys are merely the tool – the end goal is positive change.

Employees differ. Employee surveys should also differ

An employee survey is a vast concept – just like employees are. In much the same way as employees in a financial company will differ from staff working in a municipality, employee surveys should also be produced and conducted in different ways. This is because, in order for employees to be able to relate to the survey and its results, it must be relevant and tie in closely with everyday life in the company.

At Ramboll, we therefore start with tried and tested and quality-assured methods and tools that we then customise to your requirements. Our methods provide greater reliability and benchmarking opportunities – and by adapting them we also ensure that the survey is suitable for your particular organisation.


We don't measure for the sake of measuring. We do it to develop

At Ramboll, we regard employee surveys as a development tool. By conducting a thorough and professional survey, your company should reach a concrete understanding of what motivates your employees to produce their best performance for the company.

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