Point of contact surveys

One of the obvious times to measure satisfaction among your customers is when you are already in contact with one another – such as in connection with a purchase. In addition to being more convenient for the customer, this also often provides more accurate responses, since the encounter is still fresh in the customer's mind and you know what experience the customer is referring to when responding.

How's it going – right now?

The point of contact survey is the tool that gives you answers to how your company is performing at this particular moment in time and equips you to react immediately, if necessary. At Rambøll, we have evidence proving that a quick and consistent follow-up of a bad customer experience, for example, will result in increased customer loyalty rather than the opposite.


Make it easy for the customer to assist you

Providing feedback should be easy, which is why Rambøll uses a range of different data collection channels to ensure that we always use the one best suited to the customer. The methods we use include: web surveys, our own call center, SMS data collection, and offline data gathering using an iPad for instance. We also make it possible for you to follow up with customers – as soon as they have responded – to show them that you have in fact listened to their feedback. This results in customers who are both satisfied and more willing to help you learn from them the next time you ask.

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