Entry and exit surveys

Two of the most valuable times to survey customers are when a new customer comes on board and when an existing customer leaves. These are times when you can acquire valuable knowledge about how to attract new customers and what you need to do to retain existing customers.

Listen to your new customers – and find out what you are doing right

Most companies can make a long list of all the things they feel they are good at  and thus also what they believe attracts their customers. But in reality, they may be attracted to something entirely different from the USPs you typically attempt to hammer home. An entry survey can thus give you an insight into what has actually generated a new customer, and subsequently enable you to adapt your approach to the market to make it more effective.


Listen to your previous customers – and find out the opposite…

All other things being equal, if there is a single point in the customer journey where conducting customer surveys will deliver significant value, it is when a customer leaves your company. Some degree of churn is obviously unavoidable. But viewed as a whole, the customers who are about to walk out can provide essential knowledge about what you need to do better in order to retain your existing customers. When we conduct exit surveys at Rambøll, we make it one of our objectives to ensure that our insights can be used to get lost customers back – and to optimise efforts in respect of new customers.

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