Würth Industri Danmark

After losing a number of customers, Würth responded quickly and carried out a customer survey. The negative trend needed to be changed and customer collaboration developed.

Turning the tide

Everyone loses a customer now and then. But when several customers leave at the same time, it’s time for a systematic self-examination – i.e. a customer survey. This was the situation facing the industrial company Würth Industri Danmark after a quite significant transformation process.

Würth therefore joined forces with Ramboll to assess existing customers’ views on how they experienced being a customer of the company. The insights obtained made it possible to exploit the company’s strengths and correct the areas that needed attention. And not just that: the insights were also converted into a more proactive approach designed to boost collaboration with individual customers rather than simply maintaining the status quo.

In continuation of the customer survey, it was decided to follow up with an employee survey. The aim was to understand how the company could optimise the organisation and thus make conditions more conducive for employees to meet the customers’ preferences and requirements, as revealed by the survey.

Today Würth Industry Denmark is equipped with a more solid understanding of their costumers different needs and an organisation more ready than ever to meet them.