When a few hundred customers generate a multi-billion turnover, the importance of each customer is all too evident. That’s why Novozymes uses Rambøll’s customer survey to strengthen and develop its partnership with each customer on an ongoing basis.

Detailed customer reports show the way

Existing customers are at least as important as new customers. Therefore, The biotech company Novozymes is aware of the significant potential linked to retaining and developing existing customers. The company therefore partnered with Ramboll to implement a comprehensive customer survey, which, among other things, identified what strengths customers perceive Novozymes to have.

Strategic insight reports were subsequently produced to provide recommendations for increasing the overall value. More detailed customer reports focusing on specific measures to take in respect of each customer were also developed. Ramboll also assisted in the facilitation of a series of webinars for the global sales team, where account managers were armed with the tools to follow up on individual customers based on the insights from the customer reports.

In other words, Ramboll assisted in orchestrated a complex knowledge process involving many different internal recipients, the art of which was to ensure that everyone would grow wiser, but not necessarily in the same areas.