Furesø Municipality

The municipality wanted to strengthen its capacity to meet its core tasks, they wanted more satisfied employees and strengthen management. That’s why Rambøll was chosen to examine job satisfaction and evaluate the managers with a view to create a better work environment across the whole organisation.

Setting the right strategy to increase job satisfaction among leaders and employees

Since the aim was to boost job satisfaction among its many employees, Furesø Municipality opted to draw on Ramboll’s experience in municipal HR surveys. In order to reach all corners of the organisation, it was decided not only to carry out a job satisfaction survey but also to supplement this with a 360-degree management evaluation in order to develop an even more nuanced picture of the state of the organisation.

With this in mind, a series of work environment days were organised. Here, managers and work environment representatives participated in translating the survey insights into specific measures.

This is a good example of a development process that engages the different levels in an organisation from start to finish – and thereby creates shared ownership of the process, which is critical to sustaining development efforts.