Taking the train should be a pleasure – also for rail employees.

Taking the train should be a pleasure

Every year, the Danish train operating company DSB completes a large job satisfaction survey among its more than 7,000 employees in conjunction with the compulsory workplace assessment. The aim is to achieve more than simply legal compliance: DSB also wants to be a modern, attractive workplace where employees thrive.

The job satisfaction survey is therefore followed up with a number of targeted measures. For example presenting results in an organised way and having a dialogical approach to the needed follow up. This results in activities arranged centrally and the processes qualified locally. 

Locally DSB pair up with the Ramboll Action Plan, which is Ramboll’s digital tool for following up on multi-pronged action plans involving many parties and professions over an extended period of time.

Put simply, DSB has chosen a systematic and professional approach to further improve job satisfaction among its many employees. This is an approach that ensures everyone is heard, all data are analysed and all improvement measures are implemented throughout the company in collaboration with Ramboll.