Delicard’s customers were very satisfied. So how do you increase turnover when customers are already getting what they want? The answers came from Rambøll’s in-depth customer behaviour analyses.

Improving the good

Delicard sells gift cards for delicatessens and kitchen supplies, often to companies who give their employees the gift cards as a Christmas present. In-house surveys had already revealed that customer satisfaction was high at Delicard, but the company still wanted to increase turnover. The chosen tool was a combined customer and market survey from Ramboll, which resulted in valuable insights into customer behaviour.

As an example, it became clear that different segments behave in very different ways in this market. Delicard used this knowledge to develop a targeted marketing approach for each of the various segments, so that every segment first and foremost received the messages that were most important to them. And the results spoke for themselves: Delicard’s new differentiated marketing strategy proved to be significantly more effective and increased sales.