Bank of Åland

How Bank of Åland managed to gain even more dedicated employees.

A boost in employee satisfaction

Employee satisfaction at the bank was already high, but Bank of Åland wanted to boost motivation and job satisfaction levels yet further throughout the company. With approximately 700 employees distributed across numerous departments, however, each department would need to be examined individually and subsequently have an action plan developed to meet its unique requirements.

The first step was to complete an employee survey to identify the opportunities and challenges in the various departments. A workshop was then held for each department, where employees at every level collaborated on developing a strategy for achieving greater engagement

The biggest challenge was to bring the ideas to fruition across the many departments. The Bank of Åland therefore decided to use Ramboll Action Monitor, an IT system developed to drive change processes by enabling the central HR function to track the implementation in all of the departments simultaneously and thus boost engagement in each of them, one by one.